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I wrote professionally on music between 1994-2001, contributing to a variety of newspapers and magazines in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere. I enjoyed certain niches in certain publications – I was, for example, primarily ‘the folk guy’ in Q and Mojo, the ‘local bands guy’ in Belfast daily The Irish News and pretty much ‘our man in the North’ for Dublin broadsheet The Irish Times’ arts desk. More occasionally I contributed to other titles including The Independent, Folk Roots, Record Collector, The Guitar Magazine and others. I kept up spare-time contributions to a couple of magazines up until 2006 or thereabouts. I still enjoy involvement in CD projects, including often sizeable sleeve-note writing, but for all sorts of reasons it was time to move on the journals. Anyway… this section of the website will now be updated with new ‘flashes from the archives of oblivion’ on a regular basis so do keep checking back. Sooner or later, there might be something of interest!

Colin Harper, September 2011

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