September 2022 Update

My first book on John McLaughlin, Bathed in Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond (Jawbone Press, 2014) sold out its print run of 3,500 a year or more back. The good people at Jawbone kindly gave me back the rights for a physical edition and I’ve had 80 copies printed, almost a facsimile of the Jawbone edition but with new front and end matter and adapted outer branding. Very few copies of the Jawbone edition were available second-hand online – hearteningly, people seem to buy my books and keep them – and I wanted it to remain available in physical form. Copies can be had exclusively from my Bandcamp page, along with copies of the self-published 2017 companion volume Echoes From Then: Glimpses of John McLaughlin 1959–75:


I’ve used the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ name occasionally for collaborative musical ventures for the past 25 years. In July, I released the latest Legends album, Days Full of Rain, featuring 24 collaborators. The physical edition is strictly limited to 250 copies and features 17 tracks. It’s available exclusively from Bandcamp:

The digital version, released in late August, features 12 tracks (10 from the CD and two extras) and can be found on all the usual platforms. A ‘single edit’ of one composition, ‘All We Need is Love’, is also available on digital platforms:

Early next year, I’ll be releasing a Legends 25-year anthology, The Weather at Worlds End: 1997–2022, featuring 20 tracks – lots of rarities, four new edits, one previously unreleased and one new track featuring, on vocals, sensational Yorkshire singer/songwriter Katie Spencer. The anthology will be made available nationally by the splendid Malcolm Holmes’ Talking Elephant label.


Current box set curatorial projects include a 7CD Lindisfarne Live at the BBC for Repertoire, Pentangle Through the Ages: 1984–95 for Cherry Red and most excitingly a 20CD Martin Carthy at the BBC: 1966–2020 for Madfish. The long-gestating Bert Jansch at the BBC (1966–2009) 8CD / 4LP for Earth Records is available in November and the 33CD/2DVD Horslips set More Than You Can Chew, via Madfish, is available in early December.

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