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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open: True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior (Jawbone Press, 2014)

By Andy Powell with Colin Harper

Foreword by Ian Rankin

The inside track on five decades of life on the road, in the studio, and in the courtroom with progressive-rock pioneers Wishbone Ash.

‘It’s a great pleasure to be able to say that the man behind the Flying V can write a bit, too.’

Ian Rankin

In 1969, Andy Powell was one of four founder members of progressive rock pioneers Wishbone Ash. Forty-six years later, with no sabbaticals, he is still a member of Wishbone Ash. And he’s seen a lot of interesting things along the way.

Watching the birth of rock’n’roll in the 50s; stepping into the swinging 60s mod scene as a teenager; touring the States with The Who; selling hundreds of thousands of copies of Argus; being managed by industry legend Miles Copeland; outliving punk and moving to America; battling former bandmates over the right to use the name Wishbone Ash, and fighting to keep that name alive through changing tastes and styles—Andy Powell has been there, done it, and seen it all. And he’s still doing it today.

Honest, unpretentious, and often wryly amusing, Eyes Wide Open is not just the story of one man’s adventures in music but also a journey through some of the most thrilling years of rock history.

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