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Policy – if you can call it that…

We collect some data when you visit this site.

We use Google Analytics to see where people came from (geographically, and from which other website or search engine), what browser and operating system you use, and what pages you visited. We do this for interest sake only – to see the far-flung places people are located, and to see what’s popular or not in terms of content.

We don’t use it to market anything, sell to you or sell data to others to use.

It’s not a moral decision – we would do all those things and try to rip you off if we could, but we are middle-aged and a bit lazy, and frankly, it’s a younger, sprightlier person’s game.

If you don’t like the cookies thing, just ignore it and no data will be collected.

If you’re OK with it, then click “Accept” and we’ll go ahead and occasionally look at it and say, “Oh, look. Someone from Cuba’s been reading about Sweeney’s Men…

Nothing else will change in terms of content, downloads, access etc. available to you.


Colin Harper / – who this website is for and, to some extent, about.

Spike / – who looks after it for him; uploading stuff and writing dazzlingly witty GDPR / Cookie pages (we didn’t use that one).

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