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October 2011 Update

Just a brief one this time: There’s now around 48,000 words worth of vintage journalism in the Journalism Archive section, with more stuff being added most weekends – this weekend, for instance, pieces on David Gates and Sweeney’s Men. Nothing if not eclectic.

Nothing was added last weekend as I was blissfully distracted by creating a vast discussion/lecture (!) thread on the Mahavishnu Orchestra on Word Magazine’s splendid forum. There’s a fair amount of CH text there, some from previous interview pieces with Duffy Power and John McLaughlin but much of it new. I don’t write much these days, so it’s been a lot of fun and also surprising how much interest there seems to be. Search for it here if you wish:

Restored graphics, an embedded video clip and several relevant newspaper pieces have been added recently to the Dazzling Stranger page in the Books section. Bloomsbury will be publishing a new imprint of the book soon with a new afterword by Peter Paphides. I turned down an offer for an e-book edition.

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