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September 2011 – Update 3

Yes, the unprecedented pace of recent updates continues! This one concerns further additions to the Journalism Archive and some new video representations of instrumental recordings.

First the Journalism Archive.  As of today, or shortly after, there should be 17 tranches of stuff uploaded there from the late ‘90s/early ‘00s: some, single features; others, themed collections of pieces. Among the mostly previously published pieces are a handful of commissioned but unpublished items. Here’s the list:

  • Leafhound – Mojo ‘Buried Treasure’ feature
  • Mellow Candle – Mojo ‘Buried Treasure’ feature
  • Steve Ashley – Mojo ‘Buried Treasure’ feature
  • Henry McCullough (Wings) – Mojo ‘Hello/Goodbye’ feature
  • Cropredy Festival 2001 – Mojo review
  • Vincent Crane – Mojo feature (unpublished)
  • Ashley Hutchings – Record Collector feature
  • Martyn Joseph – Record Collector feature (unpublished)
  • Duffy Power – Record Collector feature
  • Wizz Jones – Record Collector feature
  • Roy Harper – various pieces from The Independent and Mojo
  • Ralph McTell – various pieces from The Independent and Mojo
  • David Gray – various pieces from Folk Roots and elsewhere
  • John McLaughlin – Hot Press feature (unpublished)
  • Kulashaker – Irish News Feature
  • Leo Kottke – Irish News feature
  • 14 Irish Times concert reviews (including two unpublished)

That’s roughly 45,000 words of material so far! The process is ongoing, so more will be added as the archaeology progresses. Webmeister Uncle Spike has had his best man working solidly on the formatting/uploading job in recent weeks and while there have been constant delays due to ‘the wrong kind of snow’ on the tracks, half-day closing, implausible gardening incidents  and unexpected meteorite events in the Bangor area, we remain confident that progress will not be thwarted indefinitely…

On the music front, Ryan Kane of Whitenoise Studios has edited together visual accompaniments – using fabulous wildlife/nature film and CGI film of Great Auks – for six of my instrumental recordings, as follows:

  • The Last Place On Earth
  • Titanium Flag (6 minute edit)
  • Passing Away
  • Six Days North / Years Of Regret
  • Blues For A Green Earth

These are all available at and at least one (Six Days North / Years Of Regret) is available at

Here’s a direct link to Six Days North/Years Of Regret:

And here’s a direct link to Titanium Flag:

I’m hopeful that Ryan and myself will be able to create further videos for some of my music, using an ‘animated slide show’ format. Certainly. we plan on creating one soon for the 2009 Field Mouse Conspiracy track ‘Three Syllable Time’, featuring vocalist Sarah McQuaid, using a dozen or so images of Sarah in concert (supplied by Sarah), and I’m hopeful that the FMC track ‘Aztec Energy’, sung by Alison O’Donnell, might lend itself to a similar treatment, using stills of Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, subject of the song.

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